About Us

Jim Bragdon

Jim, first started making maple syrup as a young man in the back yard of his family’s home.  At the time, tapping anything he thought might be a maple tree, using one of his mother’s kitchen pots and a wood fire to boil the elixir, and with that, his sugaring operations were born.  1987 saw a graduation to his first commercially made evaporator which allowed him to start making syrup in, what was then still a modest volume but with between 800-1,000 tapped, the sap business was beginning to flow.  In 2008 Country Maple Farms was born, still a ‘small’ producer by many standards, but with 2,500 trees tapped and plans of expanding to between 6,000 and 8,000 trees plus, the ‘season’ is sure to be a busy time.

Pete Sibley

Round Mountain Sugarhouse is a small family owned business which began in 1990 with 3 taps, collecting sap into milk jugs and soda bottles. The following year we had a dozen real sap buckets and maple sugaring in our blood. In 1993 a hundred more buckets and taps were added and our growth never stopped. In 1998 we built a sugar house and added a 3ft x 10ft evaporator and added sap lines bringing our total tap count up to 800. By 2003 we had upgraded to our current evaporator, a 4ft x12ft CDL with forced air and by 2005 our tap count was up to 1500.

Today we use a vacuum pump and a CDL 600 reverse osmosis machine to more efficiently produce top grade maple syrup. Our tap count grows every year, with over 3000 taps this year. We have 3,000 gallons sap storage capacity, a 1000 gallon tank in the sugar house for concentrate storage, and a 300 gallon tank that feeds the evaporator. Depending on each year’s sweetness level, it takes roughly 40 gallons of sugar maple sap to boil down to one gallon of pure maple syrup.

Our sugar house is located on our family farm property where we also raise oxen and other agricultural endeavors. We cut our own cordwood from our property which we still use to boil the sap. We are continue to grow and expand with added products. Maple candy and maple cream will soon join our product lines.

Our crew consists of family and friends, all dedicated to producing the highest quality maple products, and we thank you for being or becoming a Round Mountain Sugar House customer.